Q1. Is Lyikea a Local Brand or International Brand?

* Lyikea is Pakistan’s local brand Established in 2018.


Q2. Are Lyikea’s products local made or China?

* Every product is manufactured in China and imported to Pakistan under Lyikea’s brand name.


Q3. Does Lyikea have a physical outlet?

* No, Lyikea closed there physical outlet which was located in Islamabad. 


Q4. Is Lyikea just an online store or has a physical store?

* Lyikea currently operates online.


Q5. In how many cities does Lyikea have their outlet or offices?

* Currently Lyikea’s Outlet is operational in Islamabad and its office is Located in Karachi.


Q6. Does Lyikea provide home delivery?

* Yes, Lyikea provides home delivery (charges applied)


Q7. What courier service does Lyikea use to deliver the products?

* Lyikea deliver their products through different courier services (TCS is in contract with Lyikea for delivery services)


Q8. Does Lyikea have COD service?

* Yes, COD service is available all over Pakistan where the courier company can reach us.


Q9. Does Lyikea accept online payment through Credit Card?

* Yes, online payment is accepted on our website through secure and trustworthy payment channels.


Q10. How long it takes to deliver a parcel?

* We deliver the products within 3 to 4 days once your order is confirmed.


Q11. How do I track my order?

* Customer will get SMS from courier service with their order ID and tracking number within a day after the confirmation of their order.


Q12. What is your estimated delivery time?

* 3-5 working days


Q13. How sustainable are your products?

* Our imported products are 100% original and authentic.


Q14. Do you have return/exchange policy?

* We offer returns within 5 days after the delivery.


Q15. Do you have an option for urgent delivery?

* Yes, with extra charges.