About us



Welcome to Lyikea ! An Idea born within friends working in an outsourcing environment from UK, China & Pakistan to use collaborative e-commerce IT skills to service our homeland country by giving best of quality, unique and useful products at very economical prices. Since Pakistan is yet to catch with the world’s online shopping standards & morality, thus loads of horror stories, filled with anger & disappointment from Pakistani online shoppers who are being scammed.


Right Cards

A team of talented individuals having expertise in Marketing, Product Sourcing, Web Management, Designing & Administration made it all the right cards to execute Lyikea brand. Lyikea was created to inspire you to get stylish and economic lifestyle, it’s a place to find something for everyone. The journey started by CEO Noman Anwer after having bad experiences from online shopping. The idea was to have a store where people can shop for interesting products without having to make burden on their pockets and yet getting the best of quality. We never compromise on quality and service for our valued customers never … ever … 

Our Team

Noman Anwer


Elena Lee

Adnan Mirza

Austin Harry
Head QC

Ownership : Lyikea belongs to 佛山市禹书科技有限公司